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MNL Consulting is an independent financial and investment consulting firm specialising in strategic business operations in emerging markets. We provide unique insights and innovative approaches for enterprises and investors alike who wish to successfully penetrate new markets. Since 2003, we have assisted countless medium and large-sized companies to expand their global scope, while also working with high net-worth investors looking to break into new sectors and industries.


MNL financial and business consultants work together with clients to devise and implement the most effective plan of action when increasing international operations. Utilising proprietary market research, analysis, and management software allows us to capture and leverage key analytics in global markets. Based on this crucial data, we aim to deliver bottom line savings and increase top line growth according to our clients’ overall business strategy.


What Sets Us Apart

By keeping a finger on the pulse of emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, we have developed an extensive sphere of influence that provides a solid backdrop to implement new business and financial ventures in these regions. Our extensive network of organisations, enterprises, and investors in target regions allows us to connect our clients with the most advantageous business opportunities.


Our clients’ financial and business interests are at the core of MNL Consulting. Our firm’s dedication to client success is evident in our excellent client service, individualised financial mapping, and imaginative global performance transformation. We look forward to working with highly motivated companies and individuals to broaden their reach and truly have a positive impact on their international business development.

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